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Smart Vending Solution
Based on the publishing functionality of MIPS digital signage software, the smart vending machine solutions based on the traditional self-service vending machine,  increasing in advertising operations, interactive games, big data management, WeChat, Alipay and other payment without paper, and provide a variety of operating modes of customization and goods lane customization, easy to achieve the traditional industries of Internet transformation, realize line sale, online operation, will maximize the benefits.

Scheme establishment:

Functional characteristics
 Basic function
1.Wide range of applicable products, can also sell a variety of small food and canned, boxed, bagged and other beverages, and support at room temperature, low temperature, heating three patterns.
2.Support spring, electromagnetic lock, track, lifting and other goods, with the break point memory function, when the goods in a variety of goods, put on the goods in the goods will be priority shipment,for a shorter shelf life of goods, will effectively reduce the cost.
3.The size of the goods lane can be changed at any time and flexibly adapted to different sizes of goods.
4.Standard raster shipment inspection system.
5.The utility model has the functions of power-off protection, leakage protection and the function of storage & memory.

Special functions :
1. advertising publish
2. human-computer interaction
3. commodity information display
4. terminal multi-level management
5. accurate equipment positioning
6. Rich payment function
7. Data statistics
8. Self alarm
9. Intelligent operation
10. Intelligent sleep 

Application scenes: generally applicable to: all kinds of shopping hall of intelligent transformation, airports, high-speed rail stations, highways, rest stations and other transportation hub center, all types of office buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls and so on